Why choose Next Level Awaits

Confidence & self esteem

Going through struggles often takes a toll on our confidence and self esteem. Working with a coach can help you increase both in a sustainable way.

Clarity & focus

Feel like you lack purpose or procrastinate? I've trained to ask the questions that will give you clarity and sharpen your focus.

Better relations / teamwork

Using the Enneagram I guide you or your team to gain a better understanding of how to interact more efficiently and avoid misunderstandings.


Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results. Defined goals and deadlines are musts for you to reach your goals.

My approach

Depending on your needs and goals I will tailor a program for you and/or your team. Some goals requires fast changes and implementations and therefore an intensive program is the best solution, whereas others is more suited for coaching weekly or every forthnight.
I have chosen to use the Enneagram and the 4 Cs of Accountability as an integrated part of my core coaching method. Click the button below and read an introduction to the two methods if you don't know them already.

Let's level up

Coaching for Action I coach people who desire to enhance focus on goals, motivation and awareness to gain sustainable changes and I assist in creating better relations. The transformative coaching approach is about helping the client gain a heightened awareness, so that they will be able to reach better solutions on their own.
Cindy is a passionate and inspiring coach. You can sense her eagerness to help and support you towards your goals. She helped me prioritize my goals for my company and what profiles to hire. Cindy challenged me on my current level of comfort and how to take it up a level. We worked together weekly over a period of two months and I look forward to collaborating with Cindy again in the future.
Thomas, CEO
I was burnt out as a mother, if that is a thing. After my divorce is just felt like I was existing only to be someone's mother. I had lost my confidence as a woman. Working with Cindy I regained not only my confidence but I got to know and fall in love with myself as the person I am today. Cindy helped me find purpose as more than a mother. Anyone struggling to find themselves in a new reality should hire Cindy as a coach!
Laura, financial controller
We chose Cindy as our relationship coach to gain clarity on where we wanted our relationship to go next. Cindy was very tentative, listened and guided us through the process - even when emotions ran high. We ended the conversation with an accountability assignment designed to manifest our goals for the future. We will be hiring Cindy again and would strongly recommend anyone who needs a push to act on their goals to do the same.
T. & G., a couple stuck in everyday gridlock

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