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Coaching for action. Connecting dots ​for unseen opportunities.

Turn a challenge into an ​opportunity

Next Level ​Awaits

Your journey to success begins here.

I'm your co-strategist, cultivating passion ​and positivity to turn your aspirations ​into achievements. Welcome to a space ​tailored for your vibrant growth.

I use Positive Intelligence™ and ​accountability as pillars in my approach ​as a coach. Solutions tailored to your ​specific goals and personality ensure a ​sustainable change or improvement.

I bring the energizing POSITIVITY can do ​to your challenges when you cannot.

Services Provided

Fantastic 40's

Navigating Life’s Crossroads with Passion ​& Positivity:

Coaching for 40+ Individuals

As a seasoned mental coach and co-​strategist, I specialize in empowering ​individuals in their 40s during pivotal ​moments. Whether in their personal lives or ​professional careers.

Together, we explore pathways, enhance ​decision-making skills, and foster resilience.

Let’s navigate those crossroads with clarity, ​positivity, and unwavering passion.

Next Level Team

Looking to reduce sick days, minimize ​leaky revenue, or stay proactive in ​managing stress within your company?

One effective strategy is to seek support ​when selecting or recruiting team ​members for a project or to enhance ​teamwork within your organization. ​Another could be to level up your project ​managers negotiation skills to minimize ​write-offs.

I utilize the Enneagram and Positive ​Intelligence™ to assess individuals, ​aligning their skills and personalities ​with the specific job requirements.

Keynote Speaker / ​Facilitator

Whether I am leading a workshop or ​delivering a keynote address, you can ​expect a dynamic and engaging ​experience.

My goal is to not only inspire and ​motivate, but also to provide actionable ​insights and strategies that you can ​implement in your own life or work.

I strive to create an atmosphere of ​enthusiasm and positivity, leaving you ​feeling empowered and ready to take on ​new challenges.

Let's work together to achieve your goals ​and make a lasting impact!

What Clients and Partners say

Don Markland

Founder & CEO of

Accountability Now™

“Cindy’s dedication to going above and beyond is evident in every interaction. ​Whether it’s through her insightful one-on-one sessions, her innovative ​group workshops, or her unwavering support, Coach Cindy consistently ​invests her time and energy into the success of others. She does not merely ​coach; she transforms lives.

What truly sets Coach Cindy apart is her genuine commitment to making a ​difference. She celebrates every victory, no matter how small, and treats ​every setback as a learning opportunity. Her positive influence extends far ​beyond the coaching sessions, leaving a lasting impression on the personal ​and professional lives of those she mentors.

In a world where genuine connections are rare, Cindy stands out as a true ​connector. Her passion for coaching is evident in every success story she ​helps to write. I wholeheartedly endorse Coach Cindy for anyone seeking a ​coach who will understand them, challenge them, and support them in their ​journey to excellence.”

Ismail Essa

Junior Doctor, NHS

Talking with Cindy is worth every penny. She helps me to ​understand the struggles/difficulties I face, motivates me to ​work harder generally, but also on keeping happy and ​making progress. She helps me deal with my anxieties and ​feelings of being overwhelmed. I would recommend her ​services to everyone! In only a few months, I have already ​noticed improvements in my mental health, my general ​wellbeing and my ability to cope at work and with general ​life stresses.

Vicky Reagan

Former VP in the tech industry and now founder & business owner at

Hone Leadership

Cindy is an exceptional coach who is highly skilled at ​helping people build their resiliency and confidence. Her ​ability to connect with her clients on a deep level and ​understand their unique challenges is truly remarkable. She ​has a practical and effective coaching style that enables her ​clients to navigate difficult situations and emerge stronger ​than ever before.

If you need the confidence, skills, and strategies to move ​forward towards the future you want for yourself, I highly ​recommend working with Cindy!

Bryan Yates

Owner & Coach at

Locomotiv Performance Coaching & Consulting

Cindy is a phenomenally talented coach. Her ability to ​uncover hidden strengths and then activate them towards ​ongoing forward motion is remarkable. She's helped me ​make positive changes in my business approach by helping ​me lean into strengths I had packed away. The result has ​been a greater sense of freedom and flow in how I work. ​This has in turn improved the the momentum of my ​business.

If you're feeling stuck or on a plateau, start working with ​Cindy soon. You really can't afford not to. It makes a ​profound difference.

Henrik Jensen


I felt stuck in my job after 6 years. I had a hard time ​visualizing my future whether staying with my current ​employer or seeking new pastures. Cindy helped me ​identify my strengths, goals, wants and deal-breakers. We ​set a plan and she kept me accountable. Thanks to Cindy's ​coaching I managed to write my thesis and pass my diploma ​exam in business. Something I had told myself for a decade ​wasn't possible for me. The mindset and tools I have ​learned have also improved my private life and how I ​conduct myself in my relationships.

Martin Svendsen

Construction Designer

“Over the summer and autumn of 2023, I have had the pleasure of having ​Cindy Legarth (Next Level Awaits) as a coach. During the period, we have had ​a coaching conversation once a week approximately every 14 days, where Cin​dy has helped, supported and made me more aware of my professio​nal 'self'.

Especial​l​y in connection with my previous unfortunately unfortunate employmen​ts, I experienced a big personal self-confidence crack where I did not belie​ve in myself. This Cindy has very successfully helped rebuild using regular u​plifting coaching conversations, pep talks and several personality tests. I ​have had many endless frustrations regarding unemployment and job search.

Cindy ha​s​ supported and guided me in how I best organized my time with unemploym​ent and how I could best keep motivation and spirit up during a period wi​th many unknown factors.

Cindy has​ also contributed to opening my eyes to specific jobs and new career di​rections that I had not immediately considered myself. In general, Cindy has​ opened my eyes to how I can tackle personal and work-related challenge​s in the best possible way.

During t​h​e entire process, I have experienced my mentor, Cindy, as incredibly present, ​warm-hearted and motivating. I have greatly appreciated her perspecti​ve on my challenges - even when she has 'poked me' and challenge​d me on my arguments and thoughts.

I hereby ​give Cindy my very best recommendations.

Should y​o​u find a career or personality coach (as a person - or as a company), I would s​trongly encourage you to reach out to competent Cindy.”

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